Since  customers are buying from us, our reputation is on the line. We will describe items to the best of our knowledge and belief, and will not misrepresent items for a seller. We will not take items on consignment at prices that we think are unrealistic or unfair to  the buyer.

We normally contract for a consignment period of 90 days to sell your items. This allows time to research them properly, advertise them in catalogs or by other means, and offer them at our store or online. This also allows time to drop the price to the minimum level if  unsuccessful  selling at a higher starting price.

We are responsible for the security and safety of your items while in our possession, and will give them the same secure storage as our own inventory, covered by insurance for the consigned value.

When your item is sold (customer has paid for it, it  has been delivered, and the three-day inspection period is over) we will credit your account at J&B Guns for the  sales price less the commission. Our normal commission rate is 20% of the actual selling price. If using all funds to purchase a new firearm from J&B Guns, we will only charge 10% commission on consignment.

Remember, there is no charge unless your item sells. Give us an opportunity to help recycle those items for another collector to enjoy.

Once a price has been set for your firearm, you will need to agree to our Terms of consignment, sign a receipt to transfer the firearm to us, so we can put it on display as a consignment sale. We will put your firearm on display at our store and work to sell it for you.

When we have a buyer, we will require the buyer to fill out all the usual paperwork just like purchasing a new firearm. So you can rest assured that whoever purchases your firearm is doing so within the law.

After the sale has been finalized, we will contact you to deliver payment .

Selling a firearm can be a hassle. Let the experienced staff at J&B guns do the work of selling your firearm for you. All you have to do is wait for a call from our gun store letting you know your firearm has sold!